Thursday, January 29, 2009


Please excuse all spelling and grammatical errors.  My thoughts are faster than my fingers and my fingers can only type so fast.  I am only human!!

Kia ora,

My name is Lis and it seems as though I have been in school ALL my life!!  To be honest I kind of have.  I left school at 16, went straight to Auckland College of Education for 3 years and then straight into a classroom.  It has been a 'hell of a ride'.  I have been punched, kicked, spat at, sworn at and spewed on!  AND I still love my job!

I started my love of teaching in Mangere in a decile 1 school.  Although it was a hard beginning to teaching I was often told if I could make it there I would have no problems in teaching.
I loved it!  I was 20 and in a full time position.  I ended up staying at that school for 8 years!

I moved from Mangere to Otara where I taught secondary P.E.  During this time I had my first son and was very lucky to be able to take him to school with me.  I remember getting to school with a new baby and boys from my class (who were all in gangs) were waiting to help with the pram and baby bags.

I then made another move from Otara to Clendon.  Three areas three low decile schools.  I spent another 8 years at this school.  During this time I changed the school technological platform from PC to Mac.  A huge time in this school which set me on my path of e-Learning.
During this time I gave birth to our second son and my husband and I made a shift from South Auckland to East Auckland.  It was during during maternity leave that I began doing some relieving at my current school.

This blog is a bit of diary into my "teaching life."

It is for me to look back on and reflect on the path that I have taken.  The corners I take and the UTurns I make.