Thursday, October 7, 2010


3rd day. Although it is only day 2 of the conference. Sitting in a really uncomfortable seat in the Christchurch Convention Centre listening to Lane Clark.

Workshop 3 today is with Stuart Hale. OSX The new Cat - making it Purrr.
I am hoping to share some of my new found skills with collegues at work. If I miss anything Im sure Veronica will have my back!
Workshop 4 today is with Mark Buckland. 37 free tools on the net. Sounds interesting. Wonder if he is going to share the 4 tools that we are presenting about tomorrow?? Hmmmmm!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Breakout 1 was a bit of a disappointment. I guess not getting any wireless didnt help either. Time went by so fast. Only used 2 of the 7ish apps that I downloaded so will have to have a tutu with the apps in my own time. Used Strip Design, Instant Poetry and a piano app. Strip Design is a bit like Comic Life. I was hoping to learn how to put my design online but we didnt get to that as the network kept dropping off. So I emailed it from my iPhone to my laptop and here it is.

Instant Poetry is a bit like the magnetic poetry that you get for your fridge. You type out a whole lot of individual words (give a time limit) based on a topic. Our topic was ANZAC. So here it is.

Googlefest was cool. There is so much more out there! Dorothy was ever the professional. Presenting in an art room and every time you moved in your seat it scraped along the ground and made an awful noise. The discussion and collabarative discussion that was going on was great. Googlefest.


Here we go again. 10 years ago I was sitting in the same spot having the same feelings about presenting. This time I got a jar of chutney instead of a coffee cup. Nice to see the thank you gifts haven't changed that much!
Yesterday a very interesting day of digital citizenship with Tessa Gray. Was aked to write down 3 'wonderings' that I had and that I may like to get some support with during the day.
1. Strategies for teaching digital citizenship to teachers, students, parents
2. Resources for teaching - parents, teachers, students
3. Safe blogging etiquite.
After unpacking each wondering I realised that this was not going to happen overnight but it will happen.
Lots of work personally for me in this huge area.
Today I am looking forward to workshop 1 with Megan Iemma.
Looking at apps for the iPod touch, iPad or iPhone which are applicable for a variey of subject areas using animation, comic tools, voice recording, blogging, picture editing, using sharing tools (whiteboard) and then sharing it to the computer/web all without cables!
VERY EXCITED about this!
2nd workshop for the day is with Dorothy looking at using g-docs!
Dorothy always does an amazing job so I am looking forward to once again taping into the knowledge that she has