Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy Busy

Well it has been a very busy time at work. During the holidays we had out eastNet Cluster expo. It was on Thursday but help set up onWednesday. I didnt realise what a huge job BJ had on her hands. I'm glad that I was able to help. Im sure that if it were not for the helpers BJ would have been at school until late at night on Wednesday. In saying that she was at school very bright and early on Thursday morning. VA and I got there just before 7 and BJ was already there getting things orgainsed. Key note speaker was great. Rachel is always an inspiring presenter. It is amazing was she accomplishes with her littles ones and with the amount (or lack there of) of ICT she has in her room. Every time I listen to her I have all these great ideas of what to do in my room. Workshop 1 was Converting Assembly songs into Karaoke movies. I knew there had to be a way but my way was just very long and way too painful. Rochelle made it look so simple and it was! Thanks for making my assembly like a little less painful. Workshop 2 was Raenette and I. Skype to Singapore. This went off without a hitch. I hope people got something useful from this. I know of one DP who went straight to our Tech and said "I need Skype!" Workshop 3 was VoiceThread. Interesting Web2 tool. Presenters were great even when the technology failed them they carried on like pros. Well done to Kylee and Amy.
Final presenter was Suzie. Again an inspirational speaker. A lot of points to ponder.
Week 1 at school saw visitors from another school. One of the visitors was on the Apple bus tour and was so impressed with what she saw she brought back more of her staff to show case our work. Again my children where great. Just a pity that we had a clash of times with the Life Ed Caravan.
So it has been very busy and we are only into week 2!

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  1. Lis - we simply couldn't have done the Expo without you. There isn't room here to list of everything you did but just know that I truly appreciated it. Sorry about turning up late to your class when you were off to see Harold!