Thursday, February 26, 2009


Expectations were running high after attending ULearn 08 so was looking forward to Rotorua. My first breakout was great. Podcasting with Steven Doyle. He knows his stuff! He went a bit fast for the people that were not used to using iWork but was very helpful. Picked up some great tips for recording in GarageBand. I was really looking forward to my next breakout about Solo. Was disappointed that the session was more on a life journey rather than on Solo. 3rd Breakout was Literacy through photography. Anne was a first time presenter and she did a great job. She reminded me just what a powerfull tool the digital camera can be.!!! I think I am going to change my idea of recording my children doing their reading to getting them to video each other and then uploading the video to their e-Portfolio. Am now sitting here waiting for Pam Hook to speak who we spent a whole day intensive course wtih her.

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