Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Testing . . . Testing . . . Testing . . .

Well it's week 4 of Term 1 and the buzz word is testing testing testing. I have completed my asTTle reading and maths, Whew! Next up was Numeracy Gloss testing. It makes a huge difference when the children come up from the previous year with the stages that they are at. So the Gloss didn't take very long. P.M and Probes were next on my agenda! I had this brilliant idea (I think shooting myself in the foot is going to be less painful) I thought I would record the chn reading onto garageband and then upload their reading onto their e-portfolio. Great in theory! It has taken me nearly a week to complete 5 records! I found that using the in built microphone was just not cutting it so I went and borrowed the school lapel microphone. Once the children got over the excitment of their voices being recorded and of wearing a microphone we were away. Now i just need to complete these and then upload them to their e-portfolio pages. I am hoping to do this again at the end of the year so the children and the parents have a record of the improvements being made in literacy. If you see me limping its because i have thrown the towel in and have shoot myself in the foot! :)

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