Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More testing!

Well I actually thought I had finished. hooray! but no! I have found that there is a big difference between P.M and Probe so I am having to go back and retest children at a lower level using Probe. (but that is another story) . My idea of voice recording quickly changed to video recording and giving the responsibility (and excitment) to the children. This is coming along rquite nicely. A couple of children in my class picked up the recording, downloading and saving to the server quite quickly so they have become the "experts" in my room. It is nice to get children from the year below who have some ICT savy and are not shy to explore. By the end of the term I am hoping to have 95% of my class capable in using the digital camera to take video and then importing it and saving it to the server. My next step in this journey is to upload the children's video into their e-portfolios for their parents to see and hear. Will update this later.


  1. You have some great ideas with making the video happen as part of your e-Portfolios. It's really inspiring to see what you are up to. One thing i'm hoping to trial because of your ideas is getting the kids to video record into Photo Booth for their reflections. It will be good to talk about how this is working out for us and the tips and tricks along the way. Amanda.

  2. Thanks for the comment. What a great idea about using photo booth for their reflections. Might try that a bit later on in the year.

  3. I've spent almost all weekend trying to find a way to do voice recording, and in the end am opting for video recording too! So much easier!