Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well so much for my commitment to post on my blog fortnightly! By the time Friday arrives all I want to do is get my planning finished and head out the gates to begin my weekend.
We have had our first collaborative conferences at school using our e-portfolios. There was a lot of head aches and heart aches leading up to this point! In my block the AirPort service was not very good at the best of times. So I had the problems of children spending time making reflections or adding work to their e-portfolios only to find that when they went to save their work we had dropped off the network and all their work was lost! I had a few children who actually ended up in tears. :( I think we have managed to sort this problem out now as we have changed the location of the base station. Since this has happened we have had no problems. (Fingers crossed!) By the time the conferences came about the children and I were all very nervous and hoping that we were all up to date and that the conferences would run smoothly. The parents were all amazed at their childs e-portfolio. I know that some of my parents were very nervous to see the amout of ICT savvy their children have. The children ran their conferences. They showed their parents their e-portfolios and I was there to make comments about the feed back that I had posted on their goals. It was great to see some parents who were very unsure about e-portfolio take delight in the fact that the children were leading the show. I have been showing the children some Web 2 tools. Vocaroo and Slide.com seem to be the hits at the moment. Vocoaroo means the boys dont have to type their reflections they can record and do it so easily. The girls are loving slide.com. It will be great when we have finished our art photos and they can put this up onto their e-portfolio.

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