Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The beginning!!

Well it is week 3 and I am back into the swing of things. It took my body of couple of weeks to realise that there was no nana naps in the afternoon or snack food when ever I wanted!!
My class is interesting. I forget that you have to go back to the beginning and start all over again. I had one parent come in after day 2 and ask me if I was going to be grumpy all year! lol. I said "No not all year. Just until they remember what my expectations are in class!" Ha and I thought I was being nice!! WAIT till they see me really GRUMPY!
We started of this year (day 1) with reflections. I have set one of my homework note books up as a reflective journal. Each day (at the moment) the children have to write a reflection on what they enjoyed today, what they have learned today, and how they felt about this new learning. Most of the children got the language right after 3 days. Some children as always needed that extra support. Now that most of the class are able to do this we have moved onto writing a reflection, what are the next steps with our learning and what are two possible success indicators. I know that I will have to continually go over this with the children but hopefull it will make e-Portfolio reflections a lot more meaningful!
Today was the first of some release.
I worked with the Y4, Y5 & Y6 DigiKids.
We went over our Archives page, was this linked, did it have a table on the page and were our 2009 photos on it. We worked together on how to do all of this and the children went away feeling confident that they would be able to hlep their peers with this.
30 minutes went so fast!!!
Hopefully the Y6 children are going to come back with some ideas on what they want to cover during DigiKids time.


  1. Why is the beginning of every year such a shock to the system. We know we always have a lot to and yet it's always worse than I think it will be. Amazing that you have fitting in so much including blogging! I'm hoping e-Portfolios are going to be easier this year because teachers will have a better idea of how to get ahead quicker like you have already started to do. And I'm sooooooo glad you are taking over Digikids!

  2. Yah the Digikids!! You'll have a brilliant bunch this year too I'm sure... they will LOVE working with you! :) Love your ideas of the reflections - i'm doing a similar thing with my kids but it's just weekly at the moment. Looking forward to hearing more about the year ahead for you! :)

  3. look at the 2 of you uberblogging geeks....hahaha.
    I hope you get lots of release time especially designated for the digikids.

  4. Who's the uberblogging geek now MrsR. Making comments?? Go you!