Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EastNet Lead Teacher P.D

Look at me!!! 2 post in a week! (Only because we have to make a post today) haha.
Had a great day today looking at different Web2 tools. Have been using WallWisher today and see that it will be a great tool to use in my class. It is basically a tool that you can use to brainstorm ideas individually but then have a collaborative wall with other posts.
Looked at a lot of different Wikis and got lots of information. There was a lot of reading in some of them.
Still find Lenva's wiki very helpful. Cool Tools for School is very helpful to find a variety of Web2 tools.
Have now set iCal to beep at me every fortnight to remind me to post a comment to my Blog. Hopefully there will be another post this Friday!

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