Friday, June 12, 2009


I was wondering what the ringing was on my laptop!!! Then I got it. BLOG BLOG BLOG! It works. My timer went off to remind me to make a post.
Wednesday afternoon during our team meeting I showed my team how effective vocaroo could be when making reflections in e-portfolios. I was totally blown away by how enthusiastic my whole team was. One particular team member was so excited that she requested my support during my e-learning release! I will need to fit her in asap as I dont offten get to work with her class. One of the classes in my team started using Vocaroo today!! The children had a few teething problems but after 5 minutes they were away! I am so proud of this teacher! At the beginning of the year she was terrified at using ict in her room!

This morning I set up a new wall using wallwisher. The question that was posted was "What do you like about School?" I showed 3 boys how to make a note and they were off. It took the class about 15 mins for everyone to make a post. In the end we ended up with 39 posts. We then looked at the wall and discussed some points that we need to remember next time. We decided that the next time we made a wall we would put only our initials. We also said that we would explain our answers a bit more indepth and we would make sure that our spelling is all correct. The class were really excited about using WallWisher that they wanted me to make another wall then and there. I told them that I will have one set up for them on Monday.
I am going to show my team how to use Wallwisher. Hopefully it will be a success like vocaroo!


  1. You are to be congratulated as this is no mean feat! It's a great feeling when you have a breakthrough like this isn't it? Savour the feeling ...

  2. I agree with Belinda. You have worked amazingly with your team and I think it is your manner and energy that sparks your team off to do stunning things and to make great progress!